SBT Skin Biology Therapy

SBT Skin Biology Therapy is part of the Swiss-based La Prairie Group and a premium brand in the dermatological cosmetics segment. Functioning as an outsourced international press offices, Christine Jope’s tasks – undertaken while an agency employee – comprised supporting each country with their media relations both online and offline, developing PR strategies, creating social media guidelines and PR plans, looking after the international trade press, organising international press events, and acting as intermediary between SBT and Prof Dr Volker Steinkraus of Dermatologikum, Hamburg – the brain behind the brand.


Hormocenta offers “optimal care for demanding skin”. An established brand in Germany since 1950s, the cosmetics company wanted the product and brand PR for its relaunch to be supported by a wide range of collaborative partnerships. This allowed them to achieve the desired positioning in the “third ager” market segment. Christine Jope took on complete management of this project in her role as agency employee.