Portrait Christine Jope – Merle Krietenstein
Fruchthofgebäude – private

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„Hamburg, Speicherstadt“
©lassedesignen – stock.adobe.com

Image of Speicherstadt bridge
©Julien – stock.adobe.com

„Germany, Hamburg, Oberhafen: Bridge underpass in the city center. The famous truss bridge combines street and train traffic. October 09, 2017“
Rolf G. Wackenberg;
Copyright: Rolf G. Wackenberg  www.wackenberg.com

„Hände mit Thumbs up Zeichen“
© Robert Kneschke

„Advertising concept: target and PR on wall background“
©Maksim Kabakou – stock.adobe.com

Milos Ljubicic

„Fashion Hipster Pineapple. Tropical Summer Fruit“

category image cosmetics
©Subbotina Anna – stock.adobe.com

„Asia woman lifestyle relaxing near luxury swimming pool sunbath, summer day at the beach resort in the hotel. Concept Summer“
©freebird7977 – stock.adobe.com

„Fresh herbs in first aid kit“
©viperagp – stock.adobe.com

©M.studio – stock.adobe.com

„Tax haven, financial or wealth evasion on a euro shaped island. A luxury boat is sailing to the island.“
©Yabresse – stock.adobe.com

„Open oyster with pearl isolated on white“
©Africa Studio – stock.adobe.com

„Handshake to invest.Oil is a major energy.“
©jittawit.21 – stock.adobe.com

„Young woman with balloons building the figure „10““
Anna Bizon
Gpoint Studio

„Aerial drone photo of team of Athletes rowing in sport canoe in tropical exotic lake“
by aerial-drone, Datei Nr. 294374162