A&D Bitcoin Consulting

Bitcoins – currently one of the mostly hotly debated issues where opinions often greatly diverge.
The Berlin company A&D bitcoin consulting specialises in advising businesses and organisations about aspects concerning Bitcoin. In this connection the range extends from simple presentations up to workshops and detailed analyses.

JOPE COMMUNICATIONS has been entrusted with the communications work. The positioning of the company and informing the public about the “cryptic currency” are at the forefront here.

Hanse Loan

Lend assets - create value, that’s the philosophy of Hanse Loan GmbH & Co. KG. This Hamburg company of pawn brokers provides credit in the premium segment, and grants loans against classic objects of value including jewellery, watches, artworks, vintage cars, sports cars, yachts and precious stones.

JOPE COMMUNICATIONS provides marketing consultancy for this successful company and has assisted in brand-building since the company was founded.


Lombardie's GmbH, with its headquarters in Schönefeld near Berlin, issues online pawn loans – and does so in a consumer friendly manner. Quickly, conveniently, securely and transparently. Due to the restrictive loan issuing guidelines of many banks, based on the banking regulation agreement Basel II and now also Basel III, it is impossible for the self-employed and small businesspeople to get credit. Thus for many people an online pawn loan is the uncomplicated alternative. In addition to diamonds, precious metals, luxury watches and handbags, money is also advanced on works of art, high quality electronics, gold and jewels.

JOPE COMMUNICATIONS organised the public relations and media work on a project basis and provided social media consulting.