Klindwort Apotheken pharmacies

Klindwort Apotheken can look back on a very long history. The first record of the pharmacy dates back to 1793, and the business has enjoyed considerable success over the centuries, and is now in the fourth generation. The range of services has been expanded to include medical supply stores, the medical products retail sector and extensive individual consultancy services. Klindwort Apotheken are market leaders with a strong economic presence in the Ostholstein region – a family company that is also a commercial role model.

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Klindwort Sanitätshaus

The name Klindwort has been closely associated with health for generations. Here, the customer's well-being is a matter of the heart.
With great expertise in the areas of medical supplies, rehabilitation supplies and orthopaedics, the needs of customers are considered holistically in order to achieve the best treatment for them.
Sanitätshaus Klindwort convinces not only with expert advice, but also with craftsmanship. In the in-house orthopaedic manufactory, a wide variety of materials such as plastic, carbon, foam, hard foam, wood, metal, leather, plaster and silicone are processed cleanly and precisely – a service that is hardly ever offered directly in medical supply stores these days, but is outsourced. With several branches in the Bay of Lübeck, a sales area of over 1000 square metres and one of the largest warehouses in the region, Sanitätshaus Klindwort is the partner for health and well-being.

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