Schlüssel Reederei shipping company

1950 not only heralded the decade of the economic miracle, but also the founding of a company that still exists today. Riding the wave of the boom, the Bremer Schifffahrtskaufleute (Bremen association of shipping companies) founded the Schlüssel Reederei shipping company. They also used the emblem of the City of Bremen’s coat of arms, a key (“Schlüssel” in German), for its logo and company name to express their close ties with the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. In its almost 70-year company history, Schlüssel Reederei has grown from a bulk goods shipping company, which also included crude oil tankers, to a container ship business that has deployed and managed over 100 ships.

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Reederei Harmstorf shipping company

Professional, transparent, innovative and traditional: these are the attributes that set the Reederei Harmstorf & Co Thomas Meier-Hedde GmbH & Co. KG shipping company apart. This owner-managed shipping company was founded in 2000 and, despite the global crisis, is optimistic about the future of the industry, focusing on its strengths and seeking future-oriented partnerships. The company is part of the Schlüssel Group, which has been operating in the maritime business for nearly 70 years.

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Stadtwerke Winsen (Luhe)

Ensuring that the Hamburg-Harburg region is reliably supplied with electricity, gas, water and heating is the core business of public utility company Stadtwerke Winsen (Luhe). A wholly owned subsidiary of the City of Winsen (Luhe), the company employs 69 members of staff. In addition to being a key employer, the company also offers training, provides local suppliers with contracts and supports charities and events.

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